18 Mei 2012

Herbs Highlights The Kings Archipelago 2012

Just to share a letter of introduction to working with us: Herbs Highlights The Kings Archipelago 2012 to be held on 3 - July 9, 2012 @ Taman Pintar Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Domestic public / non-domestic

The presence of the Health Law No. 36/2009 has brought a breath of fresh air for the future of Indonesian herb industry. The presence of herbs, especially medicinal phytopharmaca now been accepted as a complementary medicine, meaning that herbs have begun to be compared to chemical drugs in the national health system.

This recognition is a strategic momentum, it is a pity if the momentum is not immediately be utilized to enhance the positive attitude of society at large, especially among the upper middle class. As we know, the middle class consumer is a unique entity, other than to have high purchasing power, they also aspirator for all the acts of his horns easily replicated by other communities.

It must be admitted that the revenue gains in achieving the degree phytopharmaca ability to suck is not as fast as investment, however, no denying that the presence of bias is able to scrape medicinal phytopharmaca negative stigma of herbal medicine as a product that is "not scientific" into something "scientific" and measurable properties. No problem, although the numbers until 2011, no more than 5 pieces of products (phytopharmaca) and 17 herb standardized.

For various types of herbs that have been shown to carry hereditary benefit, sooner or later it will soon find a chance to show who he is as a divine work of the utilization of products: cheap, safe, perfect and friendly to humans and the environment. Moreover herb is in conformity with the new paradigm in which the development of national health-promotive and preventive efforts, more emphasis than curative then when we speak of this new paradigm health department, herb presumably the most suitable for this purpose.

In order that, Herbs Highlights The Kings Archipelago 2012 was held, at the same time in order to commemorate the establishment of vocational Herbal throughout Indonesia. Of course without the participation of all stakeholders, including lectures herbs Indonesia employes the Father / Mother-lead this activity will not find the optimization of benefits. For the organizers are expecting the participation of the company Mr / Ms gentlemen, both as exhibitors and sponsors support.

chief organizing committee

Herien Priyono

*To much information, you can email three_suntea@yahoo.com or Indonesian Language http://Ekspoherbal.com

Thank you

12 Mei 2012

#transisi di Mei 2012

Masa-masa #transisi atau lebih tepatnya tambah tua umur akan aku jalani malam ini, 30 menit lagi. Dan sebelum ini, bolehlah kiranya aku share ulang kegalauan #transisi yang sudah kulontarkan.

11 Mei 2012
masa itu rasanya kayak kebelet pup tapi wc masih dipakai orang lain.

masa itu rasanya kayak lapar pengen makan tapi gak punya duit.

masa itu rasanya kayak cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan

masa itu rasanya kayak pengen renang, tapi ternyata cuma bisa gaya batu.

(Balasan dari temanku)
masa itu adalah curhat

12 Mei 2012
planing: wonosobo-temanggung-semarang-cilacap *ceemunggudhh eaaaa

masa itu kayak pengen miara kucing persia/anggora tp kagak punya duit.

masa2 itu rasanya kayak nunggu pengumuman kelulusan -.-"

#transisi kali ini berbeda dengan #transisi sebelumnya *ya memang tiap #transisi pasti terasa berbeda. Sekarang aku posting ini dari Temanggung (dari kediaman atasanku)--perjalanan kerja cari pengalaman, untuk besok pagi menuju ke Semarang di Ungaran, Taman Djamoe Indonesia.

Dari #transisi yang sudah tertulis, bisa kupelajari bahwa diriku mungkin tidak siap untuk melakukan hal tersebut--untuk menjadi seorang yang memiliki kewajiban dan tanggung jawab lebih tinggi dari sebelumnya. Dan akan kutentukan hari ini, bahwa aku siap. Aku siap berjalan lagi--berproses--untuk mencapai hal yang aku inginkan, aku citakan. Proses yang menyenangkan, dan memang di situlah seharusnya seseorang cari.

13 Mei 2012
misi telah dilaksanakan: AKU SIAP!

Semoga #transisi tahun ini berkah untuk kami semua, untukku, untuk keluargaku, untuk kita :)

Terima kasih :)